His Story

The history of BRASSEGO is actually his story: the story of Alois Mayer, a story of a pioneer.

Brassego Chef Alois Mayer Haag Austria

Born in Upper Austria in 1962, he started an apprenticeship at the high-volume musical instruments manufacturer called Musica in Steyr at the age of 17. The biggest advantage for him was that he could study three different subjects: manufacturing of bells, valve machines and instruments. Nowadays learning this combination is nearly impossible. But there was a negative factor as well: there was no place for new ideas in a high-volume manufacturing site. This was a problem, because young Alois Mayer had a lot of ideas. Besides the concept of a compact trumpet with darker sound and perfect intonation, he wanted to optimize the manufacturing process in every possible way. Until today it is important for him to be careful with resources as well as environmental sustainability: as he could not stand the fact that Musica was using tons of chemicals for degreasing instruments he developed a procedure where he uses steam which reduces the usage of toxicants to a minimum. It was very revolutionary but the company had no interest in that. Realizing that he did not see any future at Musica he stopped working there as soon as he did his craftsman’s examination in 1986 and founded his own company in Haag. Looking back to the 3rd year of the existence of Haagston, he realized that this was a decisive year. It was the year 1990 when he came up with the idea of the Singing Bell technique.

The bumps, which until then were only used for kettledrums, were transferred to brass instruments. After a lot of testing and experimenting he applied the hammering process for a patent in that very year. In 1993 he attended the Frankfurt music show for the first time, but he experienced bad results: no sales, no important contacts. Alois Mayer was not discouraged by that fact. He still believed in his ideas and since 1993 he attended the Frankfurt music show every year. His stall became more popular and larger throughout the years and more and more people were interested in his innovations. It was 1996 when the first, more improved instrument with Singing Bell hammering was displayed, followed by a trumpet with rotary valves and newly invented tuning keys in 1998. In 2001 he developed a special Vienna horn, which facilitated playing the problem tone E and therefore the life of every player. Beyond that there are tons of smaller and larger details which make Alois’s instruments unique. This is the result of relentless and enthusiastic and – to be honest – a little obsessive longing for optimization. You will never hear him say a sentence like: “That’s just the way it is, you can’t do anything about it.” Accepting unsatisfying things are unthinkable for a person like him. His eyes are sparkling when a customer comes because of tricky problems. You can see right away that he is working out ways to solve the problem and shortly after you will hear something like this: “But what we could do is…”

Brassego Chef Alois Mayer Haag Österreich

2013 – it was the company’s 25th anniversary – Alois Mayer decided to only produce with the name BRASSEGO, to give the expertise in this field a name and find an adequate description for his products. His instruments are highest quality products and of course most importantly they have high playing quality and also sound quality. To conclude: BRASSEGO stands for Finest Brass from Austrian manufacturing.