Josef Hofer of the band ‘Vierablech’ is testing the BIG BERTHA tuba which was built for him.

Visiting Brassego: Dominik Glöbl und Michael Wallner, from the ‘Bavarian Lions’ (Bayrischen Löwen). They test our perinet flugelhorn CLARK and our bass trumpet with perinet valves called SOUL MOM by playing a duet.

Werner Giermaier of the ‘Fetzentaler’ is obviously very happy with his new trumpet, a Brassego CAT. He is not only able to play piano and deep tones…

Alois Eberl has the necessary abilities to test an instrument: his virtuosity as well as an extremely difficult self-composed song. He is testing the BELLA DONNA.

Peter Mußler tested our trumpet prototype, which did not have a name by that time! Today they have a name – but the comparison still is interesting.

We rebuilt a Yamaha for him, he made a video for us:

In this video Peter Mußler is testing our CAT in comparison with one of the most famous trumpets existing: the Bach Stradivarius 37:

Here you can watch the ‘Hippacher Musikanten’ play the 60s March – playing with Brassego flugelhorns KAISER FRANZ, the Brassego rotary valve trombone ROUND ABOUT and our self-built clarinet TREEPUR:

Here you can see the process of upgrading a Yamaha YTR 6335HII professional trumpet with the Singing Bell hammering – a before/after comparison made by the boss himself!