Singing Bell

It is a very unique technique which distinguishes brassego instruments and instruments from any other musical instrument manufacturer worldwide: the Singing Bell-Procedure!

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It all started with kettledrums and trumpets and a little bit of sports. After looking at golf balls with its dimples, which reduce the air resistance by about 50%, and inspired by the better resonance of dented kettledrums, the idea of reshaping the century-old concept of the bell of an instrument was born. After extensive testing throughout many years, an elaborate multi-level procedure was invented, which is applied to the bell and the corpus of the instrument to reduce the blowing resistance as well as to change the frequency range positively. Bass frequencies are strengthened noticeably as well as the middle frequency range whereas annoying frequency peaks are eliminated. All together it results in a fuller and darker sound without any unwanted flashy sounds, but with a better balanced spectrum throughout all the sections of an orchestra – a beautiful voice alike. It is not only proved by physical measurements but also by the feedback our customers are giving us as well as astonished audio engineers who cannot believe how easy it is to record trumpets with Singing Bell in comparison to regular trumpets.

Brassego SingingBell Technologie Alois Mayer

Besides sensible improved responsiveness and maximized strength of the sound there is another positive aspect: the projection, which is the capacity of a tonal sound, is improved. This is big advantage especially for playing without a microphone.

As a conclusion the advantages of the Singing Bell-Procedure are as follows:

  • Improved sonority: more warmth, more substance, fuller tonal sound
  • Improved balance of sound: enhancement of wanted, and reduction of unwanted frequencies
  • Improved projection: more power and better carrying capacity of the sound
  • Reduced blowing resistance: improved  and easier responsiveness, therefore improved slotting

We could write a lot more and let you read a lot more – but nothing is as convincing as to try it yourselfs. We invite you to come and try whatever instrument you want made with the Singing Bell-Procedure!