F-Vienna Horn

It is an original Vienna horn, developed with different players, but mainly with Wolfgang Tomböck from the Wiener Philharmoniker.

Prices: raw 5.600 EUR, lacquered 5.800 EUR, F-bow Nr.5 450 EUR, F-bow Nr.8 450 EUR, detachable bell 460 EUR, case 360 EUR


Vienna horn special edition

With rotary valve and F-bow, it is easier to play – it is also great for everyone, who plays double horn.

Specifications: brass bell, lacquered, detachable bell 460 EUR

Prices: raw 4.600 EUR, lacquered 4.900 EUR

Brassego Wienerhorn Sondermodell

Brassego Wienerhorn Sondermodell


F-Horn Melody

Prices: 4.100 EUR, with Singing Bell hammering 4.900 EUR

Brassego F-Horn Melody

Brassego F-Horn Melody


F/Bb-Double horn Schönbrunn

Built in Kruspe-construction with a very dark sound

Specifications: 3+1 valve, golden brass bell, bell size 300mm, bore 11.71mm, valve with Minibal-mechanics, screw cap brushed and lacquered

Prices: raw 5.650 EUR, lacquered 5.850 EUR, silver-plated 6.900 EUR, gold-plated 8.600 EUR

Extra Charge: Singing Bell hammering 1.800 EUR, detachable bell 450 EUR

Brassego Doppelhorn SchönbrunnBrassego Schönbrunn Doppelhorn Front fixBrassego Doppelhorn Schönbrunn


F/Bb-Double horn New York

Specifications: bell out of brass, bell size 310mm, slide and bow conjunctions out of golden brass, valve with Minibal-mechanics
Prices: raw 6.900 EUR, lacquered 7.320 EUR

Extra Charge: extra thin material 1.200 EUR, Singing Bell-hammering 1.800 EUR

Brassego F/B- Doppelhorn New York

All list prices include Austrian tax (VAT).