Tenor trombone Bella Donna

Available in many different versions!

Specifications: brass bell, bell size 210mm, nickel silver slide 12.9mm, brace curved or straight

Prices: lacquered 2.280 EUR, raw with Singing Bell-hammering and detachable bell 3.480 EUR

Extra Charge: gold brass bell 300 EUR, collar 250 EUR, silver-plated bell 550 EUR, antique bell 780 EUR, fourth valve 1.100 EUR

Brassego Tenorposaune Bella Donna


Jazz trombone Solino

Specifications: bell size either 216mm or 200mm, detachable silver-plated bell, either 12.7mm or 12.9mm nickel silver slide, tune slide with balancing weight

Price: 4.260 EUR

Brassego Jazz-Posaune Solino


F/Bb-Tenor trombone Fokus

Specifications: golden brass bell with Singing Bell hammering, bell size 216mm, open wrap fourth slide on the outside (also available on the inner side), either golden brass or nickel silver slide

Price: lacquered 4.380 EUR

Extra Charge: Smooth flowing slide 200 EUR

Brassego F/B - Tenorposaune Fokus


F/Bb-Tenor trombone Delta

Specifications: Free Flow valve, golden brass bell, Singing Bell hammering, GMS slide L-13.9, optional: nickel silver slide

Prices: raw 4.620 EUR,  brushed and lacquered 4.750 EUR

Brassego F/B - Tenorposaune Delta


F/Bb-Tenor trombone Vivace

Specifications: bell size 230mm, with Singing Bell hammering, detachable, silver-plated with collar, Hagman valve, slide either golden brass or nickel silver or smooth flow slide

Prices: 5.900 EUR

Brassego F/B-Tenorposaune Vivace


F/Bb-Tenor trombone Fortuna

Our most popular model for orchestral music!

Specifications: golden brass bell with Singing Bell hammering, bell size 230mm, detachable, Hagman valve, golden brass slide lacquered L-13.9

Prices: lacquered 5.150 EUR, gold-plated 5.820 EUR

Brassego F/B - Tenorposaune Fortuna



Bass-trombone Big Mama

Specifications: golden brass bell, bell size 260mm, 2 fourth valves out of nickel silver, either golden brass or nickel silver slide L-14.3mm

Prices: lacquered 5.900 EUR, with Singing Bell hammering 6.550 EUR

Brassego Bass Posaune Big Mama


Bass-trombone Bellissima

Specifications: 2 Hagman valves, golden brass bell with Singing Bell hammering, bell size 265mm, detachable, golden brass or nickel silver slide L-14.3mm

Prices: lacquered 8.250 EUR, hard-gold-plated with collar 9.720 EUR

Brassego Bass Posaune Bellissima




Rotary valve trombone Round About 3-valves & 4-valves

Specifications: golden brass, bore 13.0mm, bell with collar, different lead pipes can be chosen. At the 4-valve trombone lighter valves were used so that it is not much heavier than the 3-valve trombone.

Prices:  3 valves, long construction 4.700 EUR, WITH Singing Bell-hammering 5.200 EUR,

4 valves, construction with long and short tune slides 4.990 EUR, WITH Singing Bell 5.600 EUR

All list prices include Austrian tax (VAT).