Trumpets with rotary valve

Bb-Trumpet Mirabell

Specifications: golden brass, bell size 127mm, nickel silver machine (valve), trigger, also available tuned in C (bell out of brass)

Price: brushed and lacquered 3.100 EUR, raw/polished 3.600 EUR


Bb-Trumpet K&K Vienna

Orchestral sound combined with modern and ergonomic design!

Specifications: ergonomic construction, bell and curved parts made of golden brass 127mm, slides  made of  nickel silver, nickel silver machine (valves), trigger

Price: brushed and lacquered 3.400 EUR


Bb-Trumpet Belvedere

Our most popular model! This trumpet with rotary valves is very diverse and can be used for orchestral sound as well as for music for brass instruments.

Specifications: golden brass, bell size 130mm, smooth running high-tech valve (Meinlschmidt), trigger,  material thickness 0.45mm (also available in 0.40mm and 0.50mm)

Prices: lacquered 3.350 EUR, brushed and lacquered 3.750 EUR, silver-plated 3.850 EUR, gold-plated 4.300 EUR

Brassego Drehventiltrompete Belvedere


Bb-Trumpet Schönbrunn

Our Viennese model! This model is perfectly suitable for orchestral musicians as well as soloist.

Specifications: bore 11.0 mm ascending, bell size either 130mm or 137mm, trigger, bell out of brass

Prices: raw/polished 3.900 EUR, silver-plated 4.680 EUR, gold-plated 4.920 EUR

Extra Charge: Singing Bell patented hammering 720 EUR


B-Trompete Schönbrunn Zebra

Our model with beasty looks and removable Valves. Can you resist this finish?

Specifications: bore 11.05 mm,  bell 130mm in 0,45 mm thickness, Trigger,  nickel silver tubes, gold brass crooks, ML-leadpipe

Price: Zebra finish 4.200 EUR

Brassego_Schönbrunn Zebra


C-Trumpet Schönbrunn

Our Viennese model tuned in C! This model is perfectly suitable for orchestral musicians as well as soloist.

Specifications: bore 11.0mm ascending, trigger, bell out of brass

Prices: raw/polished 3.900 EUR, silver-plated 4.620 EUR, gold-plated 4.920 EUR

Extra Charge: Singing Bell patented hammering 720 EUR

Brassego C-Trompete Schönnbrunn


Bb-Trumpet Meisterwerk 11.0 + 11.2

Our variable orchestral model! This concert trumpet is very versatile, as it has a removable bell which therefore can be changed. The bell is gold plated, the machine part (valves) are silver-plated. It is possible to adjust the lead pipe if wanted.

Specifications: bell size 130mm, bore 11.05 or 11.2mm, removable trigger

Prices: raw/polished 4.100 EUR, gold-plated and silver-plated 5.100 EUR

Extra Charge: lyre adapter 60 EUR, register key on tuning slide  150 EUR e piece, Singing Bell patented hammering 720 EUR


Bb-Trumpet Wien Kompakt

Specification: golden brass bell, bell size 130mm, material thickness 0,50mm, bore 11.0mm, trigger, 3 water keys

Prices: silver-plated 4.200 EUR, gold-plated 4.900 EUR, with Singing Bell patented hammering and gold-plated 5.450 EUR


High A/Bb-Trumpet Piccoletta

Our piccolo trumpet is available either with or without the Singing Bell hammering.

Specifications: 4 rotary valves with thumb rest, material thickness 0.50mm or 0.45mm, bore 11.0mm, nickel silver machine (valves), bell diameter 100mm, optional trigger for 3rd valve

Prices: WITHOUT Singing Bell hammering raw 3.900 EUR, gold-plated 4.650 EUR

Extra Charge: Singing Bell hammering 500 EUR, Trigger 220 EUR


High Eb-Trumpet Piccoletta

Newly designed construction, developed with Stefan Haimel, trumpet player at the “Wiener Philharmoniker”. The challenge was finding the perfect tune and intonation combined with a feeling which should be similar to playing a C- or B-trumpet to make the change between the instruments easier.

Specifications: adjustable mouth piece receiver, therefore it is possible to be adjusted to every mouth piece, bore 11.0mm, thumb rest, water key, out of golden brass, nickel silver slides

Prices: raw 3.650 EUR, silver-plated 4.650 EUR, gold-plated 4.920 EUR

Extra Charge: Singing Bell hammering 500 EUR

All list prices include Austrian tax (VAT).